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Thank you for your interest in Thorstream!


Thorstream has been in business for close to 4 years and we have grown exponentially within that time frame.  Our growth is due to a innovative quality product and great customer service which has allowed us to expand and become the Premier streaming media player.


We continue to put a tremendous amount of hard work to create software that is not only easy to update but is user friendly as well.  The ability to update our firmware, software and content through auto updates ensures your customers guaranteed satisfaction for the years to come. This technology, interface and customer support provides a symbiotic experience for our customers and allows our resellers to concentrate on selling.


Our model is based on 6 factors that seperate us from any and all competitor's.

-No reprogramming 

-Our hardware and software. 

-OTA updater

-Real Time support.


All of these are second to none in the industry.


We have 2 NEW models avaialble. 


The 2017 Thorstream Media Player Premier with a $349 MSRP.


The 2017 Thorstream Elite 4k with a $449 MSRP. 


The 2017 models have some great new features compared to our previous Thor4 model like AC wifi, Sleek long distance antenna and upgraded remote. Full comparison of both models are available on our website. All our models come with a 30 day return policy and 12 month warranty.  This will provide your customers enough time to experience the product and peace of mind needed to purchase.


Getting started is easy!!

Getting started is as easy as beginning wth friends and family. Since you already know the quality of the product your excitement will instantly rub off.

Start off by asking yourself, do I have 3 to 4 friends that love movies and shows, do I have 3 to 4 family members that would like to save money on cable and do I have 3 to 4 co-workers that loves sports as much as I do.  Remember, so many of us are transplants now that following our favorite teams is as easy as having a Thorstream. With that you have already sold 10-12 boxes.  With each sale you ask for referrals and presto you have a business. We believe that once you get about 10-20 units sold and create your customer base you will start seeing an influx of referrals and a beginning to your business. Some of our best dealers started off slowly but after 3-6 months sell 30-50 units a month. You can expect an income between $1000 - $4000 a month part time and much much more full time.


The more you invest in the better the margins! Some of our best dealers make $4000-$8,000 a month. They have used their existing customer or database to get the word out along with simply using social network as free way of marketing to friends and family.  With very little investment needed to begin and a fantastic product, this business is great opportunity.

As a reseller you will get full support from myself and my staff and updated on the most current info and updates. Feedback is always welcome. 

Please checkout our Facebook page at and website to learn more about us.

Click the buton below to fill out the Reseller Application and get pricing

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